What To Wear

One of the most important, while difficult, decisions to make while planning your session is planning your clothing.  I suggest choosing outfits that reflect your personality and make you FEEL amazing.  Don’t wear anything uncomfortable, even if it “works” because you’ll be thinking of nothing but getting it over with. There are some guidelines that can help when choosing clothing for your session, but remember, almost anything goes.

Many clients find it easiest to build an outfit for one person based on the below rules and build from there.


Maternity, Childen & Families

 Harmonize Using Patterns And Colors:  Everyone should NOT match. Yes, I said please do not match everyone.  Matching is easy, but coordinating is funky and fun. It allows each individual to be unique, and it makes the photographs much more interesting. Patters, colors and textures can complement each other without clashing. Mix it up a little4a024c1cda359c78b95e11597cf79bda and add some excitement to your images! Pair patterns with a solid accent to focus less on the pattern. Adding texture with lace, wool, denim or corduroy. No need to advertise with graphics and logos.

3b58037621a1867958daa1e09357e093Layers, Layers, Layers….And Accessorize:  Add your favorite necklace, jacket, hat or scarf. This goes for ALL. Spice up your session with some visual interest and change, without changing outfits. Stand out with your favorite headband, belt or piece of jewelry. Hats and headbands are perfect for kiddos too.

Trendy And Timeless:  The thing about fashion is that it goes out of fashion. Keep “trendy” under control and pick some pieces that are timeless. Wear clothing that fits with the locations we are shooting at.  Girls, leave those heels at home if we’re heading to the woods. While this can work, it has to be the look we are going for. Keep in mind the season.   It’s also helpful to plan your session with your home in mind. If you want a large canvas for your living room, coordinate colors with the décor of that room.

Props:  This is an easy way to make your session different, unique, and most importantly, a reflection of YOU. Bring your child’s favorite toy, or incorporate your families’ favorite hobby. This doesn’t have to be cheesy. It can simply mean shooting at your favorite park, or as far as doing a “themed” camping shoot for that outdoorsy family. Bring any items that you think might work for your family.

Women:  You will need a little more make-up than normal, but don’t go overboard.  Wear powder over foundation and be sure to bring it in case you get some “shine”. This is difficult to fix in images. Don’t forget your lip gloss!


 Newborn Sessions

It is recommended that everyone involved in the session should have an extra change on clothing on hand.  Because we are working with a naked baby, it is not unlikely that at some point someone will end up with pee or poop on them.  Not to worry, everything I use is washable!  For mom, dad, and siblings, I recommend plain clothing (busy clothing will be distracting in the photo.)  I recommend mom and dad bring both a plain black and white top, and mom bring both a black and white cami.  I recommend dad wear a v-neck style shirt as it tends to look nicer in the final shot.




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